Parizaad Episode 1 Story Review

parizaad episode review

What an astounding episode of Parizaad.This first episode was well written and every scene was executed intelligently. The cinematography was majestic throughout. Ahmed Ali Akbar’s body language was outstanding that helps you to connect with his character. He completely transformed himself to fit into the Parizaad. I was completely blown away by this first episode,it looks promising and meaningful play.


Parizaad our main star born in an unfortunate circumstance. A large poor family and darkened skin” we all know how obsessed our society with fair skin” Parizaad is not fair-skinned but then his mother gave him the name Parizaad which means son of fairy. Stereotype thinks this name only belongs to fair skin / beautiful person and that’s how he gets bullied by his own family and people around him.


Parizaad As the youngest sibling in the family, he is completely controlled by the older brothers and their wives. Parizaad’s elder sister Saeeda is the only one in the family who understands and loves his brother. Parizaad Start tuition Naheed his neighbor’s elder daughter. Naheed as a character was quite obvious mainly because of only a handful of scenes.

Till now this episode is more like an introduction of some small and big characters about Parizaad. Now in upcoming episodes, we will see how this misunderstanding affects the relationship between the Mirza sahab and Parizaad families.


Parizaad is directed by Shahzad Kashmiri and produced by Momina Duraid Productions. The writer of Parizaad drama is Hashim Nadeem.

Drama cast: Ahmed Ali Akbar, Yumna Zaidi,Ushna Shah, Saboor Aly, Mashal Khan, Syed Muhammad Ahmed, and Noman Ejaz” in a lead role.