Drama serial Khuda aur mohabbat episode 22: Review

kuda aur mohabbat review

Drama Khuda or Mohabbat is still on the same path episodes numbers are changing every week but the story remains the same. The episode starts with Mahi calling Sikandar to inform him about his mother’s bad health condition . He plans to leave immediately from his work trip but Mahi assures him she will take care of his mother, the same way as his late brother Taimoor would have done in Sikandar’s absence. Meanwhile, Romana calls Sikandar but his phone remains engaged.

Khuda aur mohabbat iqra aziz

The mother in law’s hateful behaviour towards Mahi is not changing and believe me it getting annoying now. Well , Sikandar’s mother screams at the maids as soon she wakes up and sees Mahi in her room, and summons Sikandar who explains to her that Mahi has been taking care of her in his absence. But she remains unbothered by it.


Mahi continues to look after her mother-in-law who can’t stand the sight of her. She makes it a point to make her annoyance with Mahi evident for others.

Rasheeda, the mansion’s maid, visits the faqeer of the shrine. She brings him food for niyaz and asks him to come to the mansion to pray for the family’s well-being and Sikandar’s mother’s bad health.


The faqeer asks her to give the food to Farhad who is sitting in a corner and says he will have to come to the place because it has become important now.

Wait what, he is becomes a faqeer just for one sided love.. what about his old parents and his siblings who are still grieving for him specially his mother..

Meanwhile, Mahi falls asleep in her mother-in-law’s room, she sees Farhad in her dream. Mahi hears Farhad’s last words to her once again and wakes up startled. How much director and writer going to punish Mahi for not to accept someone’s love. Story is not making any sense to me.

Sikandar meets Romana who asks him to marry her and take her with her. He says his home is under his mother’s jurisdiction and is wrapped in chains of caste, creed, status, and position in society. His mother will never let this happen. She says she is ready to become a servant of his and will be happy with however he keeps her. She then breaks down and Sikandar comforts her.

Please tell us, if I forgot to mention something.