Ishq Hai Drama: Short Review


Ishq Hai is a new drama serial, which is currently airing on ARY Digital Tv. The story of the drama serial Ishq Hai revolves around a boy who has gone mad in love with a girl. He goes to against all odds to win the love of her.

  • written by Rehana Aftab
  • Directed by Aabis Raza.
  • Production by Big Bang Entertainment production.


  • Minal Khan
  • Danish Taimoor
  • Azekah Daniel
  • Mahi Baloch
  • Sajjad Paul
  • Saba Faisal
  • Hammad Shoaib
  • Babar Ali
  • Farha Nadeem
  • Saima Qureshi
  • Faraz Farooqui
  • Mahenur Haider

The story of the drama series Ishq Hai centers on Shahzaib (Danish Taimoor), a lover who is deeply obsessed with Isra (Minal Khan). Her parents wants her to marry the boy of his choice. Same issue pop up in Shahzaib’s Family. His mother wants to marry to her niece. So, Shahzaib decides to kidnap Isra and from now on the story moves forward. Ishq Hai is all about love, hate, revenge and not giving up.


If we talk about the drama genuinely. So, the OST of the serial is good which attracts the audience but the drama is full of blunders from episode 1 to now. When we talk about the first two episodes, In the first two episodes you could already see that Ishq Hai has absolutely nothing original to offer. Its run-of-the-mill, mediocre writing associate degreed storytelling, lovers whose families don’t approve of them being alone.

The weird thing which viewers observe that at the beginning they give the message that Isra is one and only daughter so her father and brother love her a lot and also they are broad-minded that’s why they allow to go alone and even drive the car but all of sudden the table turns around on the very next scene they show when she doesn’t like the proposal.

Ishq hai

The author Rehana Aftab could have a minimum of tried to do a unique spin to the present age-long ‘Romeo and Juliet’ tale. one thing that would wake the viewers up from an age-long slumber of mediocre Pakistani soap operas however nope, swing effort into your work is for the weak.

Ishq Hai is the same stale story that we have been repeatedly seeing on our screens for years in some form or the other. Danish Taimoor and Minal Khan are one new couple that is fresh and can even boast a more powerful romantic equation.

For now in ‘Episodes’ as we observe such blunders which you can’t expect. This means the drama reflects that they don’t script it properly. The rest of the episodes was more of a drag with family members quarreling and Isra telling Shahzaib to never contact her again. She agrees to marry Haris to stop creating a further mess for her family.


Apart from them, Azekah Daniel’s performance deserves applause. She has aced the cunning expressions that look so lethal on her innocent-looking face, making her stand out amongst all. Hope we will see fewer blunders and something interesting in upcoming episodes instead of the same ghisi pisti stories. Please share your thoughts about this.