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K-pop boy band Seventeen drop new album ‘Your Choice’


K-pop boy band Seventeen is aiming to land on key Billboard charts with its latest release “Your Choice.”

 The band has racked up more than 2 billion streams worldwide, and is best known for hits such as HOME;RUN and Left & Right. SEVENTEEN is riding on the smash success of two back-to-back albums last year

The 13-member group dropped the six-track album, fronted by main track “Ready to Love,” Friday, returning to the K-pop scene after eight months.
“We’ve always released new albums on Monday but this time we did it on Friday,” group member Seungkwan said in a news conference held in southern Seoul the same day.


“I think a huge strength of SEVENTEEN’s producing is that the members have a very deep understanding of our album,” said member SEUNGKWAN, “and an even deeper affection for it.” Group members say their fans, known as CARATs, inspire them to bring out a better album each and every time.

“I hope we can reach many people with the power of love, and bring positive energy and strength to your everyday lives,” said The8 about the album. The performer suffered an ankle injury while preparing for the album and is currently recovering, but plans to promote the release along with the rest of Seventeen, health allowing.


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