Just for popularity models nowadays pretty much cross the line of decency: Sunita Marshall

I do not like to wear inappropriate attires which reveal my body.


In an interview with a social media platform, Sunita said that she lives in an Islamic country, even though I’m not a Muslim but I’m completely aware of Pakistani culture. I don’t like to wear inappropriate outfits which reveal her body. Sunita said that models these days, for the sake of fame and popularity, would cross the line of decency. Girls should be confident within themselves and should focus on their abilities.


They should learn to say no if they are told to wear something they’re not relished in. They are afraid that they would be taken off a project if they refuse to wear what they have been told to.

In my modelling time, I would have declined, had I been told to anything revealing. I would never compromise on my principles, One has to take me as I am, said Sunita.


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