Nadia Hussain calls out Nabila for her Arrogant behavior

Nadia Hussain and makeup artist Nabila left the internet shocked as they fought over a makeup product.


Nadia Hussain recently launched the ‘Go Makeup’ palette collection which is different yet has a similar vibe with Nabila’s ‘Zero Makeup’ palette. Later Nadia Hussain launched her new makeup palette, she received very rude and arrogant messages from Nabila where she says that Nadia Hussain had copied ‘The No Makeup Palette’ by Nabila’s.


Nabila went on to the private message and said to Nadia, “Don’t you have a brain of your own?” as Nabila believed Nadia’s makeup product is similar to her ZERO makeup.

Nadia replies to her, Firstly; it’s not your copyright item. Secondly, it’s a totally different product anyway. “Nabila you are a brand on your own. Why should it bother you? No need to be insecure.”


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