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Aiman Khan lash out on people for criticising her sister new drama “Jalan”

jalan drama aiman khan

Pakistani young TV actress Aiman Khan come in her sister Minal Khan’s support when her new TV drama “Jalan” received heavy backlash from the fans.
Aiman Khan asked fans to be supportive and stop being so negative about everything. Aiman thinks the audience is overreacting on this drama. She shows some anger on social media and it didn’t go well, and people start trolling Aiman and Minal for choosing poor scripts, which is a bad influence on the audience because both sisters have a very large fan following in Pakistan and they should be careful what character they’re going to portray for their viewers.


Jalan TV drama is portraying another sister rivalry and a fight for a man that both sister love. Well, this is not the first time when we are going to witness something like this, there are tuns of tv drama on the same topic and the audience wants to see something new.


What do you think about “Jalan” TV drama? Do you think it is a bad influence on Pakistani society? Or people are just overreacting?


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  1. People are not overreacting, when we buy a product after seeing it’s on TV then we also get influenced by watching any serial. Inshort they are giving a wrong message in this drama so audience is reacting accordingly. And one thing more they should know how to give value to their audience, with them they are nothing…


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