5 signs you could be in bad marriage

5 sign marriage abusive deprecation
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It’s necessary to recognize that there isn’t a ‘better’ or ‘worse’ kind of abuse. Many of us may have grown up thinking that an abusive marriage looked like the ones represented on movies where your partner must be too violent or hurt you physically.

Abusive marriage is not always about hurting you physically but also damaging you emotionally and psychologically.


Isolated you from the family and friends

Set the limit to see family and friends. Make it difficult to go anywhere by yourself without permission( usually, be denied) After the time you become used to it that you start to automatically decline invitations from your friends and family.


The hushed treatment

Showing no love for you and providing you the “hushed treatment” it’s a method of ‘schooling you’. So y’all don’t challenge him or disagree with him. Having an argument all the time is not healthy at all, but not giving a chance to explain to your spouse/partner is also wrong. Everyone deserves to have a relationship full of love and respect.


Intimate with your partner: 

Women require to feel comfortable and have a heartfelt connection with their partner in order to be intimate with them. If a spouse feels uneasy around the partner, due to any reason, she’ll find it hard to get an intimate relationship with them.


The apologizing

You always end up apologizing when you haven’t done anything wrong.

This will happen when you confront him about something, and instead of being given answers, he’ll get angry with you for having the courage to check up on him for that give you the hushed treatment as punishment.

You eventually end up apologizing just so that things can go back to normal again particularly in the early days of marriage where you want things to be as peaceful as possible.



At the beginning of the marriage, we can mix signs of emotional abuse as someone being overly caring and loving towards us. We can see it as protecting possessiveness. But one that makes it tough for us to see whether their jealousy and possessiveness is actually abusive behavior without anything suspicious occurring, and the person becomes jealous and upset, then, although it may be the person’s natural reaction which they cannot help, they must learn to keep it in check.


The primary action of breaking free from certain unhealthy marriages is to recognize that your relationship is abusive. And then understand that there is usually little hope for things to improve. Talk to your partner about your problems and try to work on it. sometimes lack of communication can make thinks wore.

But it all depends on what kind of obstacle you are facing in your marriage life.