15 years old boy Brutally beaten to death for the mere crime in Pakistan

justice for rehan

Waqar Zaka,Mahira Khan Armeena Khan and Veena Malik demands justice for Rehan

Where Pakistani news channels and politicians (Sindh Government) chose to ignore this topic, on the other hand Pakistani citizens and celebrities like Mahira Khan, Veena malik, Armeena Khan, Waqar Zaka and Dr.Shahista Lodhi raise the voice against such ruthless act and demandfor justice for Rehan a 15 years old boy who accused to involved in mere thievery.

Rehan was died due to inhumane torture by angry people over alleged robbery in Bahadurabad Karachi.

According to Rehan’s post-mortem examination, his body bore multiple injuries, which resulted in his death.


Rehan’s parents grieved, what they said, the worst torture inflicted on their son saying had he committed a theft he should have been handed over to the police for legal action.

The protesters demanded registration of an FIR against the suspects under murder and terrorism charges.

Mahira Khan tweet on her Official account:

“Oh my God my heart. How could they do that?? How could they kill a boy? Torture him? How did not a single person stop it!!!! We have become so bloody desensitized we freaking record videos calmly while someone is beaten to death!!! #JusticeForRehan

mahira khan tweet

Veena Malik tweet on her Official account:

Rehan was like many other teenagers striving for better days & in the process he did what was best as per his knowledge and capacity. They could have shown him the right way to improve his life than just killing him.Children make mistakes…should we kill them? #JusticeForRehan

veena malik tweet for justice for rehan

Waqar Zaka is recognized for his social work and he reveled the dirty system of justice and crime where criminals are treated like a monarch in the jail because they can bribe the officers and go home because of the victim’s family is poor and can’t even fight with them. In this video, you will witness the mean ruthless and inhuman side of our society.

Many other celebrities and Pakistani citizens continuously demands on social media for justice and show their anger against such inhuman act but where is our Sindh government, where is Bhutto’s now? who is answerable for this?

shaista Lodhi tweet for rehan