Pakistani private bank blocked Netflix

Private Bank has blocked its online payment for Netflix and Subscribers are Shocked

netflix is haram meezan bank block the payment
Netflix Pakistan

Pakistani private bank previously allowed Netflix payments for their customers.

Reported by BBC Urdu, Muhammad Ahmed Tariq, that he could not pay to Netflix through his bank card because the whole process is ‘Haram’.

The reason provided by the local private bank was what took Tariq by surprise as he was told by a representative that the issue he faces regarding the monthly payment of the streaming platform would not be getting solved as it falls against the bank’s ‘Shariah policy’.

Talking to BBC Urdu, Tariq revealed “First of all, I hadn’t asked them for all the information that the bank had given me over the phone. And it wasn’t even in my mind that the Netflix payment would be rejected because the bank deems it ‘non-Islamic.’”

What’s your take on this? Is Entertainment is unacceptable ? Why we always make fuss about Small things. when we start taking action for real issues?