Technology Friend or Enemy?

Is Technology becoming our worst enemy or are we the ones abusing it. In my opinion, it’s all about the self-control and limiting use. It’s not only about technology. Excessive use of everything is as harmful as technology.Global village cartoon with a group of youngsters playing with t

Giving a technology to a newborn in any shape is as harmful as smoking, drinking or any other drugs. It becomes an addiction for them. We think 100 time before giving a new powder milk to our baby but we don’t think twice when we give them a e-gadget like mobile or tablets. Why?20130416_105116_37720415-art-1


And when it’s come to adults, we are the biggest enemies of our self. As soon as we wake up we check our social media websites, emails on mobile, and start spending our complete day with this habit and ignore the real life facts. We say I love you to our partner on social media but not in person. We make two hundred friends on social media and don’t have one real friend in the real world. We spend so much time to share kid’s activities, tips and videos on internet rather than spending quality time with them.c47425b1cf1767c4147bb52cf2b89cc3

I’m not asking you to stop using technology. Use technology to share pictures, videos, your thoughts, ideas and everything else you do today. All I am asking is to spend more and more time with loved ones and make them feel important and wanted in real life.e1f10c61c4d1e2ca55ca83af435c472c_-2-best-friends-cartoon-friends-and-family-clipart_1366-768



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