Naimal Khawar shares her secret of happy marriage


Hamza take care of Mustafa all by himself.

In her latest Instagram ask a question, Naimal shared why the power couple works so well together.

During a instagram ask me session, a fan asked Naimal, a professional artist, for some tips for a struggling one, to which she emphasized on the importance of space.


“I think the one thing that I can’t promote enough is that as an artist, you need your space,” she said. “For me, I need to sit in my zone and it’s only then that I can produce any work. Otherwise, there are too many distractions around you and I don’t feel I can work that way.”


She admire her husband Hamza Ali Abbasi for being a caring husband and said, “I think that’s one thing that’s good about my husband. Hamza gives me my space, and I give him his space,” she said.

Naimal also tells her fans that Hamza Ali Abbasi even takes care of Mustafa all by him self, when she needs some time to work on her art.


When a fan asked if she felt bad that her work took a dip after she became a mother of a child, “Ofcourse it did, but I was prepared for that.”

“It’s very natural, I just had a baby and I want to give all my time to him, I have all the time in the world to do all the things I want to do so what’s the rush?”

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