Hum Kaha Ke Sachay Thy: Short Review

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay Short Review

The story spins around the lives of three cousins Mashal, Aswaad, and Mehreen.


Mehreen is a girl who is not-so-pretty and has a disturbing background, meanwhile she shares a special bond with Aswaad(her cousin) until the time they get older. They begin to bond over time. Mehreen often feels left out among her cousins. Mashal on the other hand sure knows how to attract attention. Everyone’s annoyed by Mehreen’s bad behavior and ill-mannered ways. Living in the same house, these two girls go head-to-head. And in the middle of these two is caught Aswad, a handsome young guy, who is their cousin and who is also madly in love with Mishal, and hates Mehreen.

Due to some consequence, Mashal commits suicide and Aswaad accuses Mehreen for Mashal’s death. Aswad wants to take revenge from Mehreen and restricts her from meeting with her friends, and he stops her studies even after she has accomplished much in her career. Mehreen is restricted in a home without the happiness of the world that how it looks like which was before and usual. Love disappears from her mind without the feelings of love and care she only becomes a maid in her house.


Their lives take an unforeseen turn when Aswaad learns about Mashal’s lies, but Mehreen is already suffering despite the truth coming out. Now it’s bit late for Aswaad to realize where he went wrong. Mehreen has already in depression. She leads a miserable life. A life full of happiness will change into a life full of tears which she receives from someone who always thinks for the best of him. Mehreen deals with so many difficulties but even then gives out unconditional love. She gets several rejections especially from her own family members which hurts her a lot.


This story describes the limitation of seeing things as they are and not doing their own analysis but believing what other people say. The novel deals with societal problems, relationships, poverty, and misunderstandings.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay has been written by Umera Ahmed and this novel originally published in 1998.

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