Veena Malik comes in support of Kalilur Reman Qamar and calls Marvi Sirmed a ‘gainda’

veena malik khalilur rehman qamar

Pakistani celebrity Veena Malik comes in support of Kalilur Reman Qamar .

She tweet by saying, “Jo log shor macha rahay hain ke Khalil Sahab ne aurat ki tazheek kardi, wo zara ghor se Marvi Sirmed ko dekhiye. Kya inhe aurat or gainday men koi faraq nazar nahi aata? Acha sorry.

Veena also added, “Saaray beghairat, behaya, aurat ke haq men nikal aaey.” 


Veena Malik pointed out that woman verbally abused by Qamar in an even more disrespecting manner, considering she did not pinpoint Sirmed’s interruption or her stand, rather her appearance.


Even though she went on to apologize after her initial tweet, she continued to lash out at the people speaking in her defense – calling them ‘as shameless as Sirmed’.

What’s your take on this statement by veena malik? 

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