People troll Mansha Pasha’s engagment to Jibran Nasir

mansha pasha and jibran nasir

Mansha Pasha got engaged to social activist and lawyer Jibran Nasir. Both exchanged the rings in a simple ceremony in Karachi.

While the two received congratulating messages, they also had to deal with rumors that Pasha had left her first husband for Nasir.

mansha pasha engaged to jibran nasir

The trolling did not stop here but numerous people posted hate comments on the Mansha’s engagement photos.

Pasha re-tweeted a post of renowned Islamic scholar Mufti Menk asking the people not to justify their baseless suspicions by calling it “opinions”.


“The world today is such that whatever people don’t know about you, they create. They piece together what they hear from rumors, social media as well as assumptions and lies. It spreads really fast by the touch of a button. Stay away from such acts. You’ll be held accountable!” Said by Mufti Menk.


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