“Happily, ever after” signs that your partner is taking you for granted

Happily, ever after married couple

“Happily, ever after” phase of a relationship it sounds good but staying in a relationship and make it work is not easy. One has to make sacrifices and stand up for themselves in a relationship. A healthy relationship is the one where both the companions choose to do something for the other one without considering it as a task or duty.

Fights, small misunderstandings, and small arguments are a part of every relationship, but making a big deal out of it is not. 


If you are in a situation where your companion is not considering spending time with you or is taking your relationship way too easy, then maybe it’s because he is taking you for granted. There are some signs which prove that your companion is taking you for granted.


1. Thankless Behaviour 

Happily, ever after

Your partner/spouse never notices the efforts you make for them. He doesn’t appreciate what do you do(cooking/cleaning /supporting him financially/handle social…etc)and he never bothers to say thanks for being there and taking care of everything for him.


2. He is always busy

He’ll join you for any activity only when he wants to or he has nothing to do. You can notice never put effort to spend some time with you. It doesn’t matter if it’s important to go somewhere with him or its just a family dinner or need to talk about some important issues, he will only pay attention to you when he wants too. 


3. No compliment you

No one wants compliments all the time, however, sometimes it feels good if your partner compliments you about your dress, your work or anything else. We all agree on this some men aren’t good at compliments, but it’s not so hard to appreciate or notice someone’s presence. however, if you truly can’t remember the last time he said anything nice about you, then that’s not good. 


4. Take Important decisions without discussing you  

If he has decided to invest some large amount of money in property, and plan holidays, or already decided to changing kids’ school without acknowledging your decision because he thinks it’s not important to mention you. then that’s not right.


5. Cooking is no favour but duty

the odd onee

To show your love and care to make things more romantic in relationship, you liked to cook everything that makes him happy and instead of acknowledging the efforts, he thinks that is your job and there is nothing great about it.


6. Too much technology between you too

In a world that’s largely run by technology, it can be tough not to get caught up with electronic gadgets. This is why more and more women are reporting that their partner obsession with technology is interfering with their relationship. If your partner becomes so wrapped up with his smartphone that his replying emails, or browse Facebook at the dinner table instead of engaging in conversation with you. It may sound bizarre, but they’re real-life issues. 


7. Selfishness

If one partner acts selfishly and consistently places their own needs and desires ahead of their partner, then it’ll only be a matter of time until the neglected partner feels unworthy and unloved. In order to stop issues of selfishness in a relationship, partners must learn how to act with empathy and build a balance between both their own and their partner’s needs. 


8. Trust Issues 

Trust is the very basis of love, and without it, a healthy relationship cannot exist. When a partner cheats, lies or breaks a promise, it can really hurt the relationship. And especially when he thinks he did nothing wrong. Restoring trust in a relationship where someone has been betrayed is no easy task, and both partners must be committed to fixing the relationship issues.


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