Zainab Qayyum Lashes Out At Samina Peerzada

zainab qayyum lashes out at samina peerzada

Samina Peerzada currently gets troll on social media due to her on-going youtube show ‘Rewind with Samina Peerzada’. In the show, Samina Peerzada asks celebrities several questions of their private life throughout and audiences love that.

But, Samina Peerzada also becomes a subject of memes on the internet pointing to take a dig at the host and the show.


She continued faced extreme repercussion on the social media for questioning several unusual improper questions about delicate topics.

Lately, Pakistani renowned actress Zainab Qayyum take a jeer on Samina Peerzada and her show. Zainab tweet:

“aap kay vaalid ki death hui toh kaisa feel kiya? royee? legit question she asked me on heart to heart with simi garewal oops with samina peerzada #Qasmay”

samina peerzada memes

and now the social media simply cannot stop talking about this.

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