Pakistani Young Actress Aiman Khan bashed on media


That was a good day for me that ended with a bad mood.”

Aiman Khan was seen celebrating a baby shower with her close friends and family. Those pictures went viral on the internet and her fans start congratulating her. But who thought those pictures were actually leaked by her people.

Aiman khan bash the media for publishing her pictures without her approval.


She stated on her social media “this was an extremely private function between my friends and family and I thank you all for shattering my privacy.

Aiman further said,” that was a good day for me that ended with a bad mood.”


She has been blatantly rude on attacking her privacy. And She has the right to show her anger as she said it was an extremely private party but she needs to understand it’s not the media who leaked the pictures.

Let’s hope Aiman will find out who is “responsible” for this action. Share your though on this .


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